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Why Gifted Therapy?
Gifted people have a higher sense of what they experience, they have a higher perception and a very complex mind. They are often very talented and are an enrichment for society. Sometimes, their emotions, feelings and physical complaints are much more intense and too hard to handle. Those overwhelming emotions such as anxiety, grief, anger, shame, apathy and lots more, can make their lives very stressful. Find out more about giftedness on InterGifted "What is Giftedness?"

Because of their intense perception and high complexity of mind, they need treatment from a gifted therapist who can follow their mind and their perception, who can see what’s going on in different energy layers, and most important, who can understand them.

I treat people who are struggling with the challenges gifted people are more likely to have than non-gifted people. My therapy is based on Craniosacral Therapy as well on Polyvagal Theory of Steven Porges and Somatic Experiencing from Peter A. Levine. In the online sessions I provide, I work with the nervous system, and we explore together the sensation of the body, including your emotions and feelings, and we look at different energies which influence your wellbeing. We bring dissociated parts together or detangle  compressed parts. With this work, we free up blocked energy, which is stuck in trauma energy. That could be past traumatic experiences in childhood or adulthood, or even in past life experiences. It can be other specific traumatic experiences such as accidents, separation and loss of loved ones.

We are working together, carefully, always in consideration of the individual resources, to not overwhelm the system. This form of integrated body and trauma work brings clients a sense of peace and wellbeing, a feeling they can move on from their past to a new energy, fully engaging in life, starting new projects and experiencing a fuller, more present-minded version of themselves.


A Typical Session
Our session will take place via video "Zoom". After a brief check-in and goal-setting discussion for the session, you will be able to lay down in a comfortable spot and I will guide you with my voice to explore aspects of your physical body, energy, feelings and emotions, based on the focus of the session. Sometimes you will be talking with me, and other times you will be silently exploring your own sensations and inner images, with my guidance. At the end of the session, we will do another check-in to explore how the session went.

Session Length & Cost
Sessions last 60 minutes and cost 160 CHF per hour. The number of sessions clients take depends on individual needs. Sometimes, one or two sessions are enough to move and to go on with self development. After a while, when the next topic shows up, it will be helpful to have another session for developing another part of yourself.

About me

I am a Cert. Craniosacral Therapist with further education in Trauma Therapy. I have  psychological and medical knowledge and I have done several courses in energetic healing like Pranic Healing, Shamanism and Kniesiology. In the economic field,  I have been working a long time as a head of Quality- and Projectmanagement in a private Hospital.


"Long distance body work with Esther is a very healing and transformative experience. I really appreciate and value her perceptive and attuned way of working. She has been a wonderful ally and support for addressing Trauma on a body based physical level."

M.G., Gemany, March 2020.

"I had the great pleasure of having Esther perform a healing session on me. It was through a Zoom session and even if I was on another continent, I could totally feel the power of her energy! She immediately made me feel safe and at ease. During the session, she interacted with me and asked for feedback, I thought that was awesome. The results were immediate and are lasting to this day. She is also a great intuitive. She told me some things before the treatments and it was spot on. I highly recommend her.
M.N., Canada, May 2020

I have worked with Esther for several sessions over the past few months and have found her to be not only extremely patient but also precise in her attunement and advice. She has unwavering commitment to supporting her clients alignment with and embodiment of their highest life force as autonomous guidance from within. Working with her has been indispensable in supporting ever deeper development and I highly recommend her services to those who seek to take their journey to the next level.

S.H., Australia, July 2020

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