Therapy & Approach

Therapy & Approach
My therapy is based on my wide range of knowledge and observation, how the human system works as well as my experience being an empath and stepping into the spiritual realm of being.

In my work as a Craniosacral Therapist I also integrate the knowledge of the Polyvagal Theory of Steven Porges and Somatic Experiencing from Peter A. Levine. All these methods are focused on nervous system regulation and trauma releasing.

In the online sessions I provide, I work with a holistic approach and I open a safe space for your system to show blockages and reasons for disbalances as well as new potencials and new path ways.

We explore together the sensations of the body, including your emotions and feelings. We look at different energies which influence your wellbeing and bring dissociated parts together or untangle compressed parts. That could be past traumatic experiences in childhood or adulthood, gifted-specific trauma, or even in past life experiences. It can be other specific traumatic experiences such as accidents, separation and loss of loved ones. With this work, we free up blocked energy, which is stuck in trauma energy and transform and integrate these aspects into the system.

We are working together, carefully, always in consideration of the individual resources, to not overwhelm the system. This form of integrated body and trauma work brings clients a sense of wholeness, peace and wellbeing -- a feeling they can move on from their past to a new energy, fully engaging in life, starting new projects and experiencing a fuller, more present-minded version of themselves.

Fields of work:

  • Emotional dysbalance
  • Shock trauma (events like accidents, losses,...)
  • Intergenerational trauma (trauma through generations)
  • Developmental trauma (trauma from childhood)
  • Personal development
  • Spiritual growth

What I offer:

  • Traumahealing
  • Energetic work
  • Somatic work
  • Nervous system regulation
  • Balancing and transforming emotions into resources
  • Healing the fragmented selves – steps to become whole
  • Body reconnection
  • Soul reconnection
  • Reconnection to source
  • Involving your spirit guides
  • Involving your ancestors
  • Strengthen selfawareness, selflove, selfcare
  • Resourcing